Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I am 61, going on 62 (imagine The Sound of Music), and suddenly I am having serious thoughts about the "end times" or should I say the End Time. Always, dying has been something to deal with lightly. I made fun of death with great bravado because it is such a normal thing so why get all worked up about it. My Parents died 38 and 34 years ago this spring. I had been to lots of funerals by the time they died. I was sad but life must go on.
Now that I am getting into the older category I am seeing things much differently. First of all, older people are only older and had different experiences from the younger folks. Older people used to seem like people who were different, thought differently, acted differently and basically were different. Jokes were okay. Jokes are always okay if not hurtful but the humor is dying rapidly for me. Those old folks are my peers and we, most of us, are young people from a time warp of our own. The plasticity of our brains tends to be set, it is definitely less malleable. Our predecessors had the same problem and the youth of today will have the same problem when their time comes.
I am young, dammit, in my mind and my heart. The joke is on me, eh.

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