Saturday, March 21, 2009

Il Papa

The Pope/his holiness/The Amazing Miterman/ the name I prefer: "Vicar of Peter", is back at it. He condemns a 9 y.o. girl, pregnant with twins from the rape by her stepfather, he wants to let a Holocaust denier back into the fold and now he thinks condoms are bad and will not prevent AIDS. Perhaps he should get to the Rome library or read the newspapers, now and then.

These cartoons say enough so I shall stop to allow their perusal. Habemus Papum.


By Peray - Thailand
Neues Deutschland, Germany

Perhaps the last one is a bit harsh .

And with this I leave my nonexistant audience to ponder whether or not the Pope still eats fish on Friday. God chose him so does it really matter?
A special note:
It is important to remember that the Pope is especially revered by virtue of his apostolic authority and position in the Church as established and given by Jesus Christ. So any act of respect or title given to the Pope is done so directly out of respect and obedience to Christ and His work.
Your Reprobateness, Mr. Peterdactyl

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  1. You are so astute, Mr. Peterdactyl