Monday, August 31, 2009

Rooftop gardening

I shall leave my Pope bashing behind me and focus upon more positive things. I have placed four quonset huts made from 3/4" black plastic pipe, 3" x 4" s frame (3' x 8'), and plastic sheeting. I now can get sunlight from sunrise to sunset instead of the maximum 4-5 hours that I get on the ground. It is too late for this summer to get great results but "wait'll next year".

I am planning a much bigger one in which to put my seedlings next spring. I cannot decide whether to make it 8' long by 5' wide and 6' tall or to go "all in" and make it 8' x 8'. 8x8 would let me walk down the middle and I could put about 7 tomato plants with room to grow crazy. I shall publish a photo of my model when I get it built. If I make it that big I need to try to get it right. The walls will be built of 2" x 2" lumber instead of the pipe. Each wall will be a separate piece and they will be bolted or screwed together on the roof after ground level construction. I bought a Crafstman miter saw so that it will be square and fit together. Yeah.


  1. Looks like a fun project-- will you be sharing the bountiful harvest? We don't have a garden in our new place, though we'd like one, so your huts look even more attractive.

    Check this out:

  2. Oh, to make my vegetables look like those lying in the foreground.
    Thanks for the suggestion. Growing with huts and cold nights looks different than their warm-looking site.