Saturday, March 14, 2009

Self Righteousness

I am reading the March 12, 2009 issue of Time magazine. First of all, I hope that print journalism is around for a long time. I enjoyed the Joel Stein article about selling his article for POM Wonderful. Maybe I will try them. I could start drinking it and tell them all about my healthful life style. (My lifestyle is a healthy one by virtue of its healthfulness. Got this from a nagging daughter, I believe.) Anyway, I began to feel self righteous from reading the articles and I can no longer remain sotto voce, today.
One article that caught my attention was about the 9 year old girl in Brazil. She was pregnant with twins by the rape of her stepfather. The mother and the child's abortion doctors were all excommunicated. The Vatican has backed the action. The Catholic church has so few clues about life. If the birthing didn't kill the girl, the girl's life would still be in some form of shambles. A young life is already torn asunder by the rape. What does the Pope want? Make that, what do Il Papa and my like minded Colorado Springs neighbors want from little girls? The self righteous only believe in magic so they never have to explain themselves. They would let beautiful adult human beings die in childbirth to save an unknown being. They will let already living beautiful children die, or let them grow up in poverty without fathers for their children. Those children, in their turn, will themselves be in lifelong emotional turmoil and poverty. How many of those self righteous will be willing to adopt the children born of rape? Hold your hands high. Let me count on you.

It is unrelated but I cannot resist. How many of the sanctimonious many will help the so called Octomom. I think I have digressed but it all goes under "Self Righteous", oooh, don't get me started. Oh, yes, I was a self starter there, wasn't I? And a bit sanctimonious and self righteous me self. Grossly paraphrasing Patton regarding what he is supposed to have said about War, "God help me, I do love it so.". God help me, I do love to be pharisaical. (Farcical, too.)

Or, we could visit the Middle East and see this story with plaudits for the manly efforts against an abhorrent infidel:
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, March 9 (UPI) -- A 75-year-old Saudi Arabian woman has been sentenced to receive 40 lashes for hosting two unrelated men in her house, local media reported. The Saudi daily newspaper al-Watan said the woman, Khamisa Mohammed Sawadi, has appealed her sentence after being charged with offenses against Islam by the religious police, the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.

At least the Catholic church doesn't need a commission for the promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. They have their own pedophilic archbishops and other pious pricks. Speaking of pricks and priests, I do digress. The Catholic Church in the U.S. has spent a few Billion $$ since 1951 to pay off their sex abuse victims. And they want to be pissy about stem cell research. They seem to say, " Destroy lives, we can make that go away" but "don't you dare mess around with a fertilized cell", that will be thrown away otherwise. (Unless, of course, the Octomom gets hold of it. Damn, I have no shame. I will edit this some day.)
See, it is all tied together.
I haven't even gotten to the idiots in Ireland who cannot tolerate peace and quiet.
Bernie Madoff. What a sphincter, eh? Time quoted Churchill, appropriately, "Nothing is more costly, nothing is more sterile, than vengeance." I did like the idea of having a monitor for him to have to see his victims tell him, in his 7' X 9' cell, what he did to them, for the rest of his eternity. The truth is that they must get on with their lives and pick up with what they have left. Do not waste a minute more on the scummy bastard or he will extricate even more than he already has taken. Self pity and hatred toward "B.M." will only make their lives more miserable.
We have a picture of Shakespeare, so what? It is unconfirmable but I guess it is a good bardyard story.
Sully wants to write a book. He is one of the good guys, as far as I can see. Dang that Hudson River was cold.
Jimmy and Sarah broke up again. That damned Matt Damon.

My piety knows no end but anyone reading this knows when he is bored. Yes, I know. That was long ago. TS, as we said in my day.

Love and kisses,

From one all-knowing reprobate to whatever you are.

BTW, I prefer this definition of reprobate:
a person rejected by God and beyond hope of salvation.

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