Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fortress Art

{click on the artwork to make larger}

These are c. 1954. They are the only extant crayon drawings by Sr. Peterdactyl, as a youth. Notice the strong lines in the fort's walls. Notice the spilled blood, evidence of his flare for the dramatic and patriotic themes of the day. Notice his expansive use of color combinations. Notice his delicate touch, using clouds to control the lighting. Magnificent. These should go on display at the National Gallery. They are definitely priceless.

Pierre le Pew, art critic.


  1. Now I understand tiktaalik. Twas a mystery to me, but no more. Toxic sea

  2. How did those skills decline?

  3. This is priceless. What does that say on the fort? Boone's Boys. Can't quite read it. Somewhere in your stuff there was a letter you had written when you were a kid. Now I can't find it anywhere. Loved the topic (boils).