Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wasted talents.

{Click for huge picture/letter.}

It reads: How are you? I am fine. Carolyn and Reva went to the dr. in Hot Springs (S. Dakota) about her boils but he wasn't there. She went to the drugstore and got some salve called boil salve. Floyd and Gerry worked on Floyd's car. I stayed at home and played.
We went out the lake Wed. We couldn't rent a boat so went to the other side of the swam around. Well I'm not through but the about ready to go
Pete (On other side of letter)

I discovered this in some of my junk that Mom saved. I realize now, that I was destined to be a writer and an artist. The creative juices were flowing, like an oozing boil. I still have the scar on my right knee from my boil. I do not know how Reva's boil turned out, poor thing.
This letter reads: Everything with me is okay. My boils better. I hope you can come back pretty soon. Please write soon.
The smoking kicker says: Whee I realy kicked that football high.
Your friend

I did not realize my talents, then, when I could have followed through and became even better.


  1. Gross. I hope your boils aren't still contagious.

  2. This is pretty good writing for a third grader. You must have gone to S.D. with Gerry and Carolyn. Who is Reva? Anyone I know?
    Don't you wish we'd have kept more of our stuff from those days? I still have my little yellow plastic ducky I took baths with as a child.